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Once you go black ... you never go back!!!

Have you parlayed the aisles of health food stores to discover the wonders of dark foods, or tried the decadence of forbidden rice? In a time of ever-changing nutrition trends and always emerging new “super” foods, an age old food may have just what we are looking for.

Brown rice has gained great popularity for its “better than white rice” nutrition profile. The increased fiber, decreased processing and low glycemic index of brown rice have cemented its popularity amongst diabetics, dieters, foodies and health food stores.

Now enter black rice, also know as forbidden
rice or sometimes wild rice, this grain offers
the high fiber quality of brown rice with an
added bonus of antioxidants comparable to the antioxidants in blueberries!

Black rice, black beans, black garlic, blackberries and black sesame seeds are just a few of the antioxidant packed, nutrient dense, noteworthy dark foods to add to your grocery list. The taste of black rice can be described as a rich nutty flavor. Black rice can be substitute white rice in any recipe but is best paired with fish and vegetables.

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What is a Naturopathic Doctor (N.D)?
A Naturopathic Doctors (ND) is a doctor who focuses on treating the person as a whole. The treatments utilized by NDs vary widely and can include therapeutic nutrition, homeopathic remedies, botanical remedies, nutritional supplementation, physical medicine including spinal manipulation, and prescription medications when necessary. Learn More!


What is a Registered Dietitian (R.D)?
A Registered Dietitian is a food and nutrition expert who has met the minimum academic and professional requirements to qualify for the credential “RD.”

A Registered Dietitian provides reliable, objective information separates facts from fads translates the latest scientific findings into information that is easy to understand and incorporate into your lifestyle. Learn About Dr. Jaime

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